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Bowen Technique
Bowen is a gentle, non-invasive hands-on technique which facilitates a healing response.
Somatics is a unique, self-sensing practise which reawakens the mind's control of muscles, creating ease of movement in every day life.
Tai Chi Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong) is a practice co-ordinating slow, fluid movements, breathing and a calm, meditative state of mind.


The Greek word "Soma" means "living body", the term "Somatics" was coined by Thomas Hanna 1928-1990

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is named after Tom Bowen 1916-1982 who developed this technique in Australia.

Tai Chi Qigong

Tai Chi Qigong is an ancient Chinese practise which extends back more than 4,000 years

Why not read what a few of my clients said?

Clair N
"I just wanted you to know i am finding Somatics such a help. I really believe my weekly sessions during lock-down are keeping me and my body afloat. The relaxation and change i experienced in my body tensions after yesterdays session were profound."
Sue M
I have had Bowen Treatments by Tricia Darling for lower back ache and found the treatments to be extremely beneficial, painless and effective. These sessions always helped alleviate the aching and discomfort.
Sally S
I find Tricia’s Tai Chi classes relaxing and invigorating both at the same time
Allison S
I came to Somatics because I wanted an exercise class but couldn’t do normal yoga or pilates. Suffering from chronic back pain, this class has helped ease my pain. After just the first exercise my movements have become more fluid and easier.