About Me

I began my journey by training as a Pilates teacher, which gave me a sound base in anatomy and movement skills.

I then discovered the Bowen Technique as a holistic approach to health maintenance. I was so impressed by my response to the very gentle treatment that I signed up to train with The European College of Bowen Studies. The innate wisdom of the body is an amazing thing!

Tai Chi Qigong and Somatic movement dovetail with my holistic work and I passionately believe in the benefits of all my chosen disciplines. I set up my practice in West Somerset in 2017 and I am running weekly classes in the Minehead area. I aspire to help people of all ages restore and improve physical function and wellbeing.


Body Control Pilates®, Mat work teacher 2003

European College of Bowen Studies, Bowen Practitioner 2008

Open College Network Wiltshire, Tai Chi Qigong teacher 2011

Living Yoga, Somatic Exercise Coach 2017

Regular Continued Professional Development workshops in all of my disciplines